No Need to Hibernate – Celebrate!


Winter white is crisp and beautiful.  Why not add a bit of color to the season’s outdoor activities?  Celebration powder is an all season event enhancer.  No need to hibernate; celebrate with PurColour Celebration Powder.


Celebrate in Color with PurColour Celebration Powder


PurColour Celebration Powder can be used to celebrate holidays, festivals, club activities, sporting events and religious ceremonies.  PurColour Celebration Powder is inspired by the Hindu annual spring festival called, Holi.  Holi is a festival that commemorates good harvests and the fertile land. Hindus believe it is a time of enjoying spring’s abundant colors and saying farewell to winter.  During this event, participants hold a bonfire, throw colored powder at each other, and celebrate wildly. The colored powder is referred to as Gulal or Holi Powder.  Thousands of people participate in this festival  and the communities and people are virtually submerged in color.

The USA has embraced celebrations of color with enthusiasm and has incorporated color celebration in color themed road races, fundraising activities and team events

We offer the following colors: Pink, Blue, Midnight Blue, Orange, Green, and Yellow.   The colorants used, in our Celebration Powder, are FDA approved for food consumption, drug and external cosmetics.  We can match most colors and produce custom colors to match your favorite team or school colors.

See our product page for more details. PurColour Celebration Powder.

Below is bulk pricing.  All products and raw materials are produced in the USA.  Sample kits can be purchased for $10.00 plus shipping.

Gulal Colors

 Colors: Yellow, Orange, Green, Midnight Blue, Blue and Pink


 Pricing is based on total quantity of order. You can mix and match colors and quantities.

  0-24 lbs. 25-75 lbs. 76- 99 lbs. 100-499 lbs. 500 – 999 lbs. 999+
  $6.50/lb $5.50/lb $5.00/lb $4.25/lb $3.75/lb Call
Sample Kit $10.00          
75 gram bags 0-49    50-100    101-499  500 +      
  $1.50/bag  $1.30/bag $1.15/bag $1.00/bag    


 Pre-filled 8oz. bottles   (bulk price) + $2.00/bottle     Unfilled 8oz. bottle  $1.50/bottle

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 Shipping usually occurs within 2 business days.   Add an additional week for orders over 500 lbs.  Shipping charges not included.  If you are a business or a charity, copies of your Federal Identification Number or Business License is required for tax exemption.  Complete payment is required upon order.  Shipping charges applied at time of shipment.   All purchases are final and cannot be returned or refunded.  We recommend LTL trucking for orders over 150 lbs.  It typically takes 24 hours to schedule LTL pickup.  Normal delivery is 5 – 7 business days within the contiguous United States.  If you are receiving your order on a pallet, please indicate if a lift gate is required at shipping address.  Plan to have a pallet jack or hand trucks available for unloading.

We typically suggest .5 lb. of Celebration Powder for each participant.  If you had 500 runners, that would breakdown to 250 lbs.   Some events like to have pre-filled bags of color to add an additional source of revenue to the event.  Bags are typically sold to the participants and spectators.  A single toss of Celebration Powder is about ½ cup, which is approximately 75 grams.  One pound of Celebration Powder will make approximately (6) 75 gram bags.

We often get questions regarding color removal.  Natural and synthetic colorants can stain fabric, hair and skin.  For best results, remove excess Celebration Powder before applying water and soap.  We recommend the use of leaf blowers or other compressed air devices to assist in the removal of Celebration Powder.    You may want to consider using large cloth tarps to cover paved areas.  Normal liquid dish soap and/or degreaser can be used to clean paved areas.  Power washers will also assist in cleaning paved areas.  Baby wipes are good choice for skin.   Celebration Powder can be removed from clothes with the use of normal detergent and stain remover. 



See our product page for more details. PurColour Celebration Powder.